Welcome to the LIAC website.

The Long Island Area Council of Unitarian Universalist Congregations (LIAC) serves as a catalyst to promote denominational awareness and effectiveness through communication, leadership, and programs; focusing of education, advocacy, service and spirituality, and serves as a beacon for liberal religion.

Ongoing objectives towards fulfilling our mission include:

- Integrated networking among all the UU congregations on Long Island to strengthen one another.
- Participation in LIAC by all congregations on Long Island.
- Financial solvency.
- Programs fostering inclusiveness.
- Continuation of youth-directed programs.

Be sure to review the wonderful LIAC programs we've developed for our youth. The Student Activity Fund (SAF) encourages young Unitarian Universalists to live their religious values through internships in social action, advocacy and service provision. The Coming of Age program teachs a more in depth understanding of Unitarian Universalism where youth can begin to develop their personal religious philosophies. Our Whole Lives (OWL) is a series of sexuality education curricula which helps participants make informed and responsible decisions about their sexual health and behavior. Sophia Fahs U.U. Camp provides enjoyable, practical and spiritual experiences in a safe, beautiful and natural environment that will inspire children, youth and adults to explore their identities: personal, communal and Unitarian Universalist. And UU Connect provides meaningful opportunities for our youth (7th to 12th grades) to connect with other UU youth outside our congregation for activities ranging from ice skating to apple picking to social action and more.

LIAC needs you to fulfill its mission and vision.

LIAC can be a beacon for liberal religion on Long Island.

Upcoming Youth Events...

sophia fahs

sophia fahs